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Go From Dating Burnout To Bride To Be

You are just a few steps to the marriage of your dreams and that is what I am here to walk you through.

You may have started to think “This marriage thing is not for me” because of bad experiences you have had and you may be thinking… After over 5 relationships that has not worked, what more can I do to make any relationship work? Let me tell you this, You don’t fail an exam in one day!

The failure started when you did not read, that one time you missed a test, that only time you did not attend an important class. Failure is a process just as success is a process. You have had 5 failed relationships because you executed the wrong process. I want to take you by the hand and show you the right process to become successful at your next relationship. It is time to move from all the wasted years, broken heart, disappointments and embarrassment to become A BRIDE TO BE.

Her counselling is very encouraging, especially to ladies who are desperately in need of someone to talk to. I will recommend her to my friends and loved ones.


Let Us Help You!


  • Get advice that works for your relationship
  • NO THEORY or TEXTBOOK Knowledge
  • 100% PRACTICAL Advice tailored to your relationship
  • NO Religious or Motivational Gimmicks just RESULTS


  • Access to Loads of FREE Helpful Relationship Videos
  • Teaching Available on ALL PLATFORMS
  • Become GREAT at handling Relationship problems
  • OPPORTUNITY To help Others by sharing


  • Every Conversation is treated as a TOP SECRET
  • Counselling won't be shared without your permission
  • Private Counselling Sessions for Individuals.
  • Private Group Counselling Sessions (for You and Your Partner)

* Results vary for different ladies depending on your commitment

What People Say About Us!

I must share this. Your advice has helped me a lot. After you spoke to me, I had to put to practice what you said and I got to understand my lover even more. He was so surprised at my new behaviour. Thank you soo much. If not for your advise, I’m sure I would have quit my relationship. I must say you are really good at what you do.
Your counselling helped me to start handling relationships in a more mature way by being selfless and putting the other person first to be able to achieve our common goal and also knowing how to pick the right partner with the right traits of long lasting qualities not feelings.
Precious' advice are insightful and necessary in this generation.
Pamilerin Akinlosotu
Precious’s advice are practical and they come from experiential point of view. I love that about her advice.
Self-Confidence Coach

Need To Talk To Someone?

I provide strategic relationship advice, insight, and clarification to your life and relationship goals by helping you discover your true value, the kind of guy you need and how to get him to build your dream marriage with you.

Whatever your faith or background, our doors are open to you, both literally and virtually.
Our counselling services are open throughout the week, Monday – Friday 9am- 6pm. You can also use our website to find out more about our work, books and events we have going on.

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