How To Know A Man Is Attracted To You

Unlike popular opinion, a man who is too shy to approach a lady is not a weak man.

A man can be attracted to you and be too shy to approach.

Unlike popular opinion, a man who is too shy to approach a lady is not a weakling.

From research, most men (not all) who are nerds, very studious or work driven, mostly phlegmatics, usually lack social skills.

If you meet them in parties, they will be at the back, sitting by themselves and totally avoiding any activity that gets them noticed.

This does not stop in their relationships with friends. It also hinders their ability to approach ladies.

It is important you are able to tell when a man is attracted to you but too shy to approach.

If you can tell, then it’s easy to give them the green light to approach.


Learning to tell if a man is attracted to you is no rocket science.

There are simple ways to tell if he is into you or not.

How he treats you

Is he nice to you? Kind of more nicer than other guys?

Does he offer to take you out, drive you home or always calling to know how you are doing?

Does it feel like he is always there when you need a friend?

Then there is a possibility he is attracted to you.


Finds excuses to be around you

Has he cooked or brought food for you, with a thought that you’ve been working all day and will be hungry? Have you noticed him finding excuses to just be around you? There is a possibility he is attracted to you.

Does things to impress you

Does he go out of his way to help you do things you need done?

Have you noticed him always trying to please you or buying you gifts? then, there is a huge possibility he is totally into you.

Flirts with you

A guy will not flirt with a girl he is not attracted to.

If he flirts with you, you need to be sure he is not also flirting with other ladies. If he only flirts with you, then he is serious.

Most of the time, men flirt to see if you have mutual emotional feelings for them. If you reject the flirting, they never ask for a relationship. Watch out for these: does he play with you, teas you or make you laugh a lot, those are signs he is flirting with you.

Gets jealous seeing you with other guys

Does he criticise your other male friends?

Does he feel bad when you tell him about a date you had with another guy?

Does he act protective of you and looks like he is watching you? If he gets jealous when you’re with another guy, that’s a huge sign he is attracted to you.

Always staring at you?

Try looking up at him sometimes. If you catch him looking at you, that is a huge sign he is attracted to you. More so, if you catch him and he quickly looks away, that’s a more obvious sign he is into you. But, if he holds your gaze for a few minutes, that’s a sign he wants more of you.

He Fidgets with things

When he’s around you, he fidgets with things like his clothes, your purse or things on the table. You may think it is boredom whereas it is an indicator that he’s attracted to you and feeling uneasy as a result.

He tells you his secrets

Does he reveal personal stuff to you? If you hear him say things like, I have never told anyone before, and he is telling you those stuff, that is a sign he wants you two to really get to know each other.

How he speak to you

Science have discovered that men lower their voice when speaking with ladies they are attracted to and speak differently when with their friends.

He turns to you when you speak

When you speak, see if he turns his body to face you. This is one way attraction is expressed. If he turns to face you when you speak, that is a sign he is attracted. If his body is turned away when you’re speaking, that is a possible sign he is not romantically into you.

With these, you can tell if a man is attracted to you or not.

Please note that there are situations that a man is attracted to you but you don’t consider him your type.



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