How To Tell A Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

Before you decide to walk up to a guy to say you like him, first read this

Before you decide to walk up to a guy to say you like him, first check with your feelings that you really love him and not just lusting.

If he is a stranger you don’t really know, It is advisable to approach with the intention of beginning friendship.

You can go straight to telling a man you love him when you two have been friends, and you’re sure of your feelings for him.

Bellow is a guide to say “i love you” and not send him running a marathon.

1. Flirt with him a bit :

Touch his arm when you talk, laugh at his jokes, hold his hands when you take strolls.

2. Show genuine interest in his life and listen to him when he talks :

Want to build friendship, then listen. He is more likely to talk more with you if he’s sure you’re interested.

3. Ask him out on a date :

You can bet he does not get much invites to go on dates. this will make you stand out.

4. Be his best friend :

His friend in need and indeed : He should know and feel that you’ve got his back.

5. open up to him about your life. Be yourself around him :

Be free and relaxed around him. treat him like your best friend and be open. men only marry ladies they trust. being open with him will earn you his trust in time.

6. Do something nice for him he didn’t expect :

To stand out among other female friends he has, do something special for him. buy him a gift or offer to go see his favourite game with him. this will pull his attention to you.

7. Let your friendship grow before you tell him :

Telling him too early can freak him out. Take your time to first build friendship.

8. Check to see if the feeling is mutual :

Is he always trying to make you happy? Has he introduced you to important people in his life? Like colleagues and parents? That’s a good sign he may want a relationship with you.

9. Don’t use “I love you” to manipulate him :

Men are smart and will sense it when you are trying to get favours from them. don’t ever use “i love you” or sex as a manipulation tool against a man. he will lose trust in you.

10. It is possible your man is not as interested as you are in a relationship :

If he says no, take it and keep the friendship going. he has the right to decide what he wants with you, so don’t force it. begging, inviting people to speak on your behalf or manipulating him will make you look desperate. sometimes, how maturely you handle the situation will make him interested in you.

Try not to make it too personal : Understand that a “no or yes” is not because you’re not good enough. people have different needs where relationship is concerned

Pick an appropriate time to tell him :

Pick an appropriate time. Make sure it’s just two of you and that he is really in a good mood.

Give him space to think about it :

Don’t break the news and expect an immediate reply. Give him space to think and make the right decision.

I have discussed tips to help you detect if he is really attracted to you or not.

Please read before telling him about your feelings; You don’t want to be embarrassed with a “No, I don’t love you”


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