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21 - 23 MAY, 2019



What Others Are Saying?

Sincerely your Counselling has really worked for me. Every advice you gave to me, I put it into use and it has help me to manage my relationship right. I strongly recommend your Counselling to other young ladies having a Confused relationship or bad one and yet holding on to it because of fear of the Unknown. I also recommend everyone to go and read your book "10 Question To Ask Before Marriage" I learnt a lot from the book. May God bless the works of your hands as you keep touching lives.

Why Should You Register?

You are just a few steps to the marriage of your dreams and that is what I am here to walk you through. You may have started to think “This marriage thing is not for me” because of bad experiences you have had and you may be thinking… After over 5 relationships that has not worked, what more can I do to make any relationship work? Let me tell you this, You don’t fail an exam in one day!

The failure started when you did not read, that one time you missed a test, that only time you did not attend an important class. Failure is a process just as success is a process. You have had 5 failed relationships because you executed the wrong process. I want to take you by the hand and show you the right process to become successful at your relationship. It is time to move from all the wasted years, broken heart, disappointments and embarrassment to become A BRIDE TO BE.

Why am I the right person to lead you on this part? I have been through all those experiences you suffer from bad relationships. I have made all the mistakes you are making. Out of desperation to get it right, I bought and read over a hundred books and studied relationship like a university degree. All I discovered that changed the game for me is what I want to teach you.

What Will You Learn?


  • How to have an Emotional DETOX; Heal from your Past Hurts and Heart Breaks to prepare you for a Better Relationships.
  • You will Rediscover the Awesome YOU again
  • You will undergo a Total Mind Transformation from Limiting Beliefs limiting you from Getting and Building a Happy Relationship
  • You will Discover the Dating Process that Guarantees RESULT!
  • How to Groom Yourself to be the kind of Lady Every Good Man is Attracted To.

More Testimonials

I must say this, your advice has helped me a lot. After you spoke to me, I had to put to practice what you said and I got to understand my lover even more. He was so surprised at my new behavior. Thank you so much!
I came confused. But now I have a clearer view of relationships. I plan to enjoy my single hood because it comes only once.
Thank you for creating Marry The Right Man platform. My life has changed since I started following you. You are indeed God sent.
I bless the day I met her. She always hits the point. She is a blessing to our generation.

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