Most Powerful Way To Attract A High Quality Man

You don’t want to marry just any available guy. You want to marry the guy worthy to have you. Here is how to attract quality men into your life.

In this post, I will show you the most powerful way to attract a high-quality man.

I am sure you are considering saying yes to someone really soon.

You don’t want to say it to just any available guy. You want to give it to the guy worthy to have you.

And you are tired of the type of guys that are in your life right now because they are not your type at all.

This happens to a lot of ladies and I will tell you why it is happening to you.

Have you ever head the saying, birds of a feather flock together?

Yeah! That’s a fact.

The type of people in our lives are a mirror of who we are on the inside.

I can never forget an advice my God Father gave me as a young adult. he told me I will marry from among my male friends so I should be careful who I allow around me.

Do you know whoever you tolerate to be around you, is a sign you are like him somehow.

This is crazy because you may not even recognize this at all.

One of the mistakes a lady can make is allow everyone tell her who she is without trying to truly get to know herself.

Knowing who you are right now will help you recognize things you need to change to be a higher quality you.

Have you ever done something and almost beat up yourself latter because you never thought you could do such a stupid thing?

There are a lot of unconscious, hidden beliefs and attitudes in us. Only those who sturdy themselves find out. Others will only keep asking themselves a surface question of “why is this happening to me?”

There is no result without a cause.

Your ability to attract men lesser than you desire is hidden somewhere in your belief or attitude.

So, what is my number one powerful secret for attracting a high quality man?

Become high quality.

I like this quote by quote

“You attract who you are, not what you want. If you want great, then be great!”

This may sound cliche. but once tried, you will become a preacher of this gospel.

When in the hospital, during the birth of baby praise, a beautiful lady approached me and asked me a funny question.

“Precious, I have this intelligent and wealthy government guy I really like. He seem to like me. But i don’t know how to get him to fall in love with me.”

I almost laughed out my baby. I am not a native doctor oh!

but you know, attracting any kind of man you want is very possible and easy.

Men are majorly moved by sight. So, he may like what he sees when he looks at you.

But, What will determine if he will decide to make you his wife is this.

Watch your compatibility level.

Ask yourself, the quality of man you want,

how does he talk?

What does he talk about?

Were does he hang out?

What kind of laddies is he friends with?

What does he know?

What kind of clothes does he wear?

what is his carriage like? Is he complicated or simple?

Then mirror him! For real.

Remember I said for real! Pretence is not beautiful!

If being like him is stressful, please stay just-friends, Because when you attract him, that’s who you will have to be the rest of your life with him.

I know some ladies change who they truly are, to attract a type of guy, and then change drastically after the wedding. That guy has every right to leave you because you are not who he married. So you have to make sure you are comfortable becoming like him.

What I majorly advice, you can become a better version of yourself and attract a high quality man. But don’t ever become another person to attract a guy. It is slavery and self betrayal!

You are far better than that.

Click here for the second most powerful way to attract a higher quality guy.  

I believe with this, You can finally begin attracting the quality man you truly want in your life.

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