What Attracts Men To Women?

If you look sad, men will be reluctant to approach you. A happy lady is more pleasant to be around.

Talking about attraction, there is no “One Size Fits All”

Women come in different shapes and sizes and men have different idea of what they find attractive.

The basic attraction for humans generally, is physical. Both men and women alike.

It is only God that is said to care about your heart. Men look at your appearance.

For a man, how you look matters. It is not all, but one of the things he looks out for in the woman he wants to marry.

He needs to know that you love yourself enough to take good care of yourself. just like we teach in our Dating Burnout To Bride To Be Program 

Now, this does not mean you go for surgeries to alter your body shape and size.

Any man who makes you feel you need to go through that to get him interested in you is not your man.

God definitely did not make a mistake when he was creating your body. No one should make you feel that way.

So, quickly, lets delve into the things that attract men to women.

Men are attracted to ladies who smile

Have you ever heard these words? “he who wants friends must first make himself friendly”?

That also applies to you.

You can’t go around looking like your world is about to crumble on your shoulder and expect to be approached by a man.

Think about any time you went out looking sad and depressed, didn’t you get remarks like “ What’s wrong?”

“who died?”

If you look sad, men will be reluctant to approach you.

A happy lady is more pleasant to be around.

People don’t like depression. They want joy.

No matter what you have been through in the past, you can heal from it and have a new start.

Men need signs of interest to approach ladies

Think about how scared you are to walk up to a man to say “i like you”

that is exactly how scared men are to approach ladies. Not because the ladies can beat them up, but the fear of facing possible rejections.

They need you to give them non-verbal clues that you are interested or open for approach.

Such clues includes a smile directed to them, facing them when they start talking with you, not ignoring or looking over your shoulder at them.

Complementing what you like about them and flirting lightly.

Have a place for compromise

many ladies chase men far away from them by being too strict and uncompromising.

Love and family is built on compromise. A healthy habit of giving and receiving.

Always having your way does not make you strong and independent. No! It makes you a selfish person who needs no one.

You can have your life all put together, carer and all, yet still be compromising when the need arises.

Steve Harvey says, “It is not what a man gives you that matters but the sacrifices he is willing to make for you”

same goes for you.

It is selfish and unloving when you always want life to happen your way.

Men are attracted to ladies with passion or purpose

Men are attracted to women who are purpose driven. They don’t want to come into your life and become your everything. A woman becomes very attractive when there is more to what meets the eye.

So ask yourself..”what is my passion? What do I love doing that I can comfortably give even without profits” develop your passion and serve others with it.

Not wearing too much makeup

Men know that your made up face is not real. They know you look different without it and they want to see how you’ll look without makeup.

Most men believe you are hiding something or not very confident about your natural looks when you apply too much makeup.

I personally have a simple guideline for the application of makeup.

Enhance your natural beauty! Not change your face.

There should not be much difference between your natural and made up face.

Men are attracted to intelligent ladies

I have never seen a man who is not attracted to intelligent women unless men who need naive women they can oppress.

Looking good is not all.

Knowing a little about everything will make you intelligent and versatile.

You will discover the change in the kind of men approaching you when you talk and behave intelligently.


Men are attracted to ladies with self-respect

many ladies believe men want sex and will not remain in relationship with a lady who denies them sex.

That is not true. Except that was all he wanted from you, a man will love the lady who respects her body and knows how to say “no” more than one who gives sex at every request.

In fact, men believe if you gave them sex, you definitely have been giving to other men without hesitation. That reduces your value in their eyes.

If you don’t know how to say no, start practising that.

With these, you can become attractive to men.

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